How do I know a service is right for me?

Our experienced team are always happy to help make suggestions or explain step-by-step what the service entails to assure you’re getting what you want.

I’ve never been waxed before. Is there anything I can do to prepare myself for my service?

Yes! First cleanse the skin well in the shower with a loofah and DnL’s Oily/Combination Skin Scrub and Mask. After patting your skin dry with a towel, rub a small amount of Hovan’s Gold to the area until it absorbs into the skin. Repeat for 5 days pre-waxing.

Does my face really need a facial?

Yes, facials benefit all skin conditions. No matter if the skin shows obvious need or if the skin looks in perfect balance. An average person’s skin is exposed to stress, pollutants in the air, and excess oils regularly and requires balancing. Our “the one” facial is personalized completely to you. After a thorough skin assessment, we break down each step of the facial and pick out products that will suit your personal skin type. This is fantastic for those with allergies, sensitive skins or acne sufferers.


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